2019 Yard Sale Schedule

About Yard Sale...
Now Famous and attended by buyers and sellers from several states! It happens on the first Saturday of each month in our season. (May thru Oct.) This event begins when the gates open at 5 AM! Set up tables are $5 in a Special Section.

Yard Sale happens in the Grove, the First Saturday & Second Sunday of each month.

No Reservations. Gate Opens at 5 AM.
Saturday Sunday
May 4, 2019 May 12, 2019
June 1, 2019 June 9, 2019
July 6, 2019 July 14, 2019
August 3, 2019 August 11, 2019
September 7, 2019 September 15, 2019
October 5, 2019 October 13, 2019

Cost of Yard Sale: Set-up tables (3' x 12') are only $5 each.

You may rent additional tables from us or are welcome to bring more of your own.

Yard Sale is held in a designated area in the Grove.

It's great fun...load your car up and show up at Shupp's!